3 of Austin’s Most Haunted Spots

3 of Austin’s Most Haunted Spots
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Do you enjoy sightseeing, hearing spooky stories, and being scared? Take a trip to see some of Austin, Texas’ most haunted spots. With places ranging from hotels to mansions to cemeteries to even the state’s capitol and city hall (and everything in between), Austin has plenty of haunted history to keep you entertained for hours! Take a look at these three haunting grounds that will scare you senseless and learn more about some of Austin’s most frightening history.

1. The Oakwood Cemetery Annex

With burials dating back to the 1850s (possibly even earlier, as record keeping wasn’t always a priority in the old days), The Oakwood Cemetery Annex is home to countless figures in history. Containing over 23,000 souls and possibly even more off the record, some aren’t resting as peacefully as others and it’s apparent in the consistent paranormal activity that’s been recorded happening on the grounds. Paranormal enthusiasts theorize that some of the spirits haunting The Oakwood Cemetery Annex are teenage victims of some of the earliest known serial killers, former army generals who are said to roam the grounds decked out in full military regalia, Battle of the Alamo survivors, and American folk icon outlaws. Visit the Ghost City Tours website to learn more about The Oakwood Cemetery Annex in Austin and tips on how you can take your own visit.

You can find The Oakwood Cemetery Annex at 601 Navasota Street, Austin, Texas 78702.

2. The Texas Governor’s Mansion

The official residence of the governor of Texas since 1856 is home to more than just the current governor and their family, it’s said that among other spirits, the ghost of former Governor Sam Houston haunts the structure and appears to some guests as a full bodied apparition. Governor Houston isn’t the only present poltergeist, former Governor Pendleton Murrah, his nephew, and a former member of the house staff (suspected to be a maid) have been noted as showing up and messing with houseguests by switching lights on and off and frightening them with phantom footsteps, sobbing, and moaning. Visit The Texas Governor’s Mansion’s website to see its visiting hours and tour options.

You can find The Texas Governor’s Mansion at 1010 Colorado Street, Austin, Texas 78701.

3. Buffalo Billiards

Known as a “good time bar,” Buffalo Billiards in Austin is the spot to hang out and relax whether you’re a mere mortal or a ghost. Back in the 1860s, Buffalo Billiards was originally a hotel and boarding house that was loved by cowboys and outlaws of all sorts. When customers got out of line, the staff (who carried six shooters) weren’t afraid to put them in their place. With that being said, you can imagine the ghost count is pretty high, but one ghost stands out more than the others. “Fred the ghost,” who has gained significant notoriety and has even been mentioned by patrons on the bars’ Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, and Google pages, is Buffalo Billiards’ primary paranormal resident and ghostly trouble maker. Fred is known to unstack chairs after closing, open and partially drink bottles of booze, shake patron’s stools, tap ladies on the shoulder, and break exit signs. Feeling brave enough to face Fred? While Buffalo Billiards closed its doors for good in September of 2020, you can still visit and take pictures of the historic, haunted spot, and who knows, maybe even get a visit from old Fred.

You can find the old Buffalo Billiards building at 4000 Station Street, Austin, Texas 78701.

If you’re in the Austin area and appreciate a good spooky story, be sure to check out one, or all of these local haunts! Enjoy the paranormal culture in Austin so much you want to stay for longer than just a quick visit? Let PMI Austin Experts help you find a place to call home! Visit our website to find our available properties for rent in the area.