4 of the best parks and trails around Bee Cave, Texas

4 of the best parks and trails around Bee Cave, Texas
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Spring is already kicking into high gear, and it’s safe to say that everybody’s ready to get out and enjoy the sunshine and gorgeous weather. With so much to do on a beautiful day here in Travis County, Texas, it’s hard to decide where to go when you have so many awesome places to choose from! We wanted to help you with your sunny day itinerary by giving you four park and trail options for you to visit! Parks and trails have something for the whole family, and who doesn’t love getting outside and enjoying a wide variety of activities? Read on to learn about these four awesome parks and trails around Bee Cave!

Bee Cave/Falconhead West Primitive Park

Now Bee Cave/Falconhead West Primitive Park might have a minimal amount of amenities (pretty much only including benches and garbage cans) but that’s actually the point! This beautiful park, featuring hiking and biking trails, is meant to be a primitive experience with only the gorgeous Bee County, Texas views to keep you company. Come check out Bee Cave/Falconhead West Primitive Park to enjoy the trails and the stunning views. Plan your visit today.

Bee Cave/Falconhead West Primitive Park is located at Rockies Run Summit, Austin, Texas 78738.

Bee Cave Central Park

This sprawling 50-acre park boasts two different pavilions, playgrounds, and restroom facilities to keep the whole family entertained and comfortable. Something’s always going on at Bee Cave Central Park, whether it’s outdoor group fitness classes, health and wellness events, or personal training sessions, so between all that and the Central Park perimeter trail, there’s something to keep everybody occupied. Learn more about Bee Cave Central Park here.

You can visit Bee Cave Central Park at 13676 Bee Cave Parkway, Bee Cave, Texas 78738.

Bee Cave Sculpture Park

This artistic outing might be a little lesser-known, but is the perfect spot for soaking in the local art! Enjoy this cultural outing that spans 7 acres, features a pond, and hosts plenty of beautiful, native wildlife and plants. This free admission outdoor sculpture park has both permanent and rotating featured sculptures that showcase a wide variety of styles and materials. Bee Cave Sculpture Park was created in part by the Bee Cave Arts Foundation, which according to their website is a “non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life in the community and to enhance the experience of visitors by bringing awareness, education, and integration of a wide range of art throughout public spaces.” Want to plan your visit? Check out all there is to know about the Bee Cave Sculpture Park.

Bee Cave Sculpture Park is located at 13333 State Highway 71, Bee Cave, Texas 78738

Bee Cave Dog Park

We didn’t forget about your little furry friends! Many of the parks we listed above are welcoming to pups, but how about a space that’s all their own? This off-leash, fenced-in dog park is located just below the south end of Bee Cave Central Park and is the perfect place for your little (or big) buddy to come socialize with other non-aggressive friends. The park features two different fenced-in areas, one for small dogs and one for large dogs, as well as drinking water, and a place to sit for the humans. Next time you want to take your furry best friend out for a day of extra fun play, swing by the Bee Cave Dog Park!

You can visit the Bee Cave Dog Park at 13676 Bee Cave Parkway, Bee Cave, Texas 78738.

Be sure to check out one, or even all of these awesome parks and trails in the Bee Cave area! Have these amazing parks and trails convinced you to stay in the area for a while? Let PMI Austin Experts help you find homes in the area available for rent on our website.